About Our Business

Fritsch Upholstery

Fritsch Custom Upholstering was established as a sole proprietorship by William A. "Willy" Fritsch in 1961. Willy learned his trades (saddle maker and upholsterer) in his father's shop in a small town called Eglingen in southern Germany, continuing the family trades dating back to his Great-grandfather in the early 1800's. In 1951 Willly emigrated from Germany and worked in Bay Ridge as an upholsterer for ten years before opening his own shop which is now run by his son Manfred (Fred) Fritsch who, beginning in 1976, learned the trade same way as he did (from his father).  In 2000, Fritsch Custom Upholstering added "Inc." to its legal name and became a New York corporation.

The tradition of quality craftsmanship survives today in our work. While aesthetics are the ultimate goal, the means of arriving there are paramount. We know the importance of value and, accordingly, use only the finest quality upholstery materials and supplies. Our aim is to provide a product that would meet not only our customer's approval, but our forefathers' as well. Many of the pieces we work on have been handed down from beloved family members and carry the memories and history of their previous owners. In our hands new life is given to those memories so that family history can continue to be written and shared with future generations. You see, everything we do is with an eye toward the future, but we never lose sight of the past which has brought us to where we are today.


What we do

We offer reupholstery service, repairs, refilling of cushions, reglueing and touch-up of dining room chairs, fabric and plastic slipcovers, decorative pillows and all forms of residential and some commercial upholstery as well. We also block needlepoints for upholstery, pillows or other projects.  For items too large to carry in, we offer free pick up and delivery in the Greater Bay Ridge area, generally within a mile and a half radius of our shop.