Letters of Appreciation

Thank You FredWe would like to share with you a few of the many letters written to us by our customers over the years:

Thank you for your professionalism! Your "extras" were a pleasure! What a cute cushion and arm covers! I appreciate your honesty in returning my extra $100 bill! This is an indication of your fine character! Be well! I hope business is good!
Our appreciation!
Irene + Fred

Thanks for the great job and the extra touches that made our 40 year old chairs look brand new!
Kelly and Mitch

You are a man of your word and a master craftsman. You said I would finally have the chair I paid for originally. Thanks to you, now I do. No more shaky sloppy chairs. They're beautiful, neat, and stable. I could never have afforded new chairs this good.
Thank you again,

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