Dedicated to Quality

finished furniture by Fritsch UpholsteryAt Fritsch Upholstery we are dedicated to quality.  When we take an upholstery job we do not simply "recover" or "refurbish" the piece. Instead, we take the entire piece apart, reglue and reinforce it, touch up or restore any finished woodwork (retaining as much of the original finish as possible) and then upholster the piece to our high standards. We do not simply wrap the pieces in foam or batting and cover them. Rather, we rebuild them using the best materials for the job in question. Our way is likely to cost more initially, but the investment more than repays itself in performance and satisfaction for far longer than any of today's manufactured-for-sale furniture - at any price!

All padding materials, especially those that are not user accessible, are selected to perform satisfactorily for the lifetime of the piece, typically over fifteen years and often twenty-five or more. By strict adherence to our standards, we have built a reputation for quality that endures. We will not put our good name at risk by doing less, even if the customer says it's OK with them just to get it done for less. If we can't do it right, we don't want the job.

The old saying "you get what you pay for" is, sadly, not always true in today's marketplace, but as long as we are in business we will provide no less, and in our estimation more, than our customer has reason to expect.